Best Chelsea Boots Trending This Season

Best Chelsea Boots Trending This Season

If you're someone who wants to remain stylish, you can't look away from Chelsea boots. These are must-have boots that were initially invented for royals as a replacement to lace-up riding boots. Having the best Chelsea boots, therefore, is both a practical and stylish choice.

These boots were first known as ankle boots but soon became popular as Chelsea boots due to their origin, London's Chelsea area. One of the most versatile shoes out there, Chelsea shoes went mainstream immediately after their invention.

Today, if you don't have a pair of Chelsea boots in your wardrobe, you are missing out
on style and class. For that, we’ve got your back.

Best Chelsea Boots: The Top Three

Due to their immense popularity, there are probably hundreds of brands out there
offering thousands of different styles, color combinations, and material. This
often makes choosing among the best options a nightmare task.

Don't worry; here are some of the top options available on the market.

1. Ferro Aldo Men's Blaine Oxford

Ferro Aldo, a leading brand owned by Canadian Aldo Group, is one of the most well-known men's shoe brands out there. The company operates more than 3,000 stores in North America and Europe.

This brand’s latest Chelsea boot, the Blaine Oxford Boots, is one of the examples
why it is famous for high-end shoes. In line with that, do you think this pair
might be the perfect choice for you? Let’s find out.


  • Durable Build

If Ferro Aldo shoes are known for something other than their stylish and unique
designs, it is their durability. The Blaine Oxford is no different, with a
4.5-inch long shaft from the arch, giving it a nice curvy look.

Made of quality and handcrafted, durable synthetic leather, this pair can last for
many years to come. Available in three different colors, you have an option to
choose between grey, brown, and black.

What’s more, with double-stitched exterior and high-quality rubber soles, it is not
only flexible but also water-resistant.

  • Remarkable Comfort

With a 10-centimeter shaft height and 15.5-centimeter zipper length, the shoe is
effortless to wear. The metallic eyelets and rounded cap toe not only adds to
its unique look but also makes it comfortable for your feet.

Walking in these shoes is also a breeze. This is thanks to its non-skid outsole and
cushioned footbed that is designed for extra comfort. As it weighs only 1.05
pounds, they are not heavy on your feet.


  • Breathable material so your feet don't sweat
  • Durable build and classy look
  • Can be worn in the rain
  • Works for all occasions (casual, formal, or office)
  • Made with vegan materials
  • Comes with a 90-day warranty


  • The toe box is little narrow for wide feet

2. Bruno Marc Men's Bergen Oxford

Bruno Marc New York is a well-reputed brand based in the United States. Known for
their high-quality footwear, the Bergen Oxford shoes are one of their most
popular choices.

Here are some more details why this pair made it to the top of our best Chelsea
boots list.

  • Sturdy and Stylish Construction

These boots are sturdy and come with a durable rubber sole. The heel measures around
an inch while the platform is only half an inch. The wooden heel not only adds
to its strength but its style as well.

This pair of shoes is available in eight classic colors, providing you with enough
options to choose what suits your wardrobe the best. It comes with a classic
lace-up design, faux leather upper, and classic cap toe built.

  • Professional Performance

Bruno Marc Men's Bergen Oxford Boots features a side zipper that makes them really
easy to wear. Its wing-tip design also means that it’s comfortable to walk on,
even if you have wide feet. The sole is flexible enough to provide your feet
with proper rest and comfort.

The latex-cushioned footbed makes them very comfortable, while the non-skid outsole
offers you good grip while walking. As the zipper is really fine-toothed, you
don't have to worry about water moving in even if you are walking under heavy


  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Top value for your money
  • Runs perfect to size


  • There may be a smell for the first few days

3. Asgard Women's Short Rain Boots

The top two options are for men, but if you are a woman, you can also take
advantage of these unique and stylish boots. If interested in Chelsea boots,
the Asgard Women's Short Rain Boots are just what you need. The stylish boots
come from Asgard, a well-known brand for women shoes.


  • Waterproof, Long-lasting Build

The waterproof build and sturdy rubber sole make this pair a safe investment, at
least in terms of durability. These stylish lace-free boots are made of PVC
material with minimalist design and are available in seven different colors.

The shaft of the boots measures 5.5 inches while the heel measures an inch. The
platform measures around half an inch, providing your feet a good cushion.

The lightweight design is a good fit to wear during rain, as the material effective
prevents water from seeping in. The matte finish also makes these boots shine
under any weather—cold or hot, sunny or rainy.

  • Comfortable and Sure Fit

These easy-to-wear boots come with a pull-loop strap at the heel and elastic-goring
on the sides. This combination makes it a breeze to slip your feet in and out
of these boots. The toe area is spacious, making it easy to wear for those with
wide feet as well.

This pair also comes with reduced rubbing discomfort around the ankle area, while an
inner fabric keeps them comfortable to wear even during the long walks.


  • Easy-to-wear clean-cut boots
  • Offers perfect traction even on wet ground
  • True to size
  • Works perfectly as rain boots
  • Easy to put on and off


  • You may have to deal with rubber smell for a few days


We have listed three boots, one for women and two for men. If you are a woman,
then you know that there aren’t many options out there like the Asgard Women's
Short Rain Boots. It is a budget-friendly pair that also offers style, comfort,
and luxury.

If you are a man, both the top options are good, but we recommend Ferro Aldo Men's
Blaine Oxford Boots as the best. This pair is from a well-known brand, durable,
flexible, and made of synthetic leather with an eye-catching design.

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