Skechers 77009 Workshire Review

These high quality Skechers for Work Men's 77009 Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Boots are just what you need if you are looking for a good work boot that will keep you safe on the job. They are reliable and have plenty of great features that make them one of the best pairs on the market today.

While Skechers may not be the best-known brand when it comes to work boots, you will be pleasantly surprised with the design and features that these boots offer.

Skechers 77009 Workshire

Features of the Skechers 77009 Workshire

  • These boots have a steel safety toe. Whilst steel is a heavier metal that can make boots a little uncomfortable to work in all day, it is worth it for the protection against impacts and crushing from heavy objects. If you don’t need a toe protector for your work boots, there are lighter models that can provide different features that may be better suite to your needs. The steel toe on these boots can protect your feet for items up to 75 lbs. in weight.
  • For as much safety as possible, these work boots have an electrical hazard safe design. The design of these boots has been tested against ASTM guidelines to ensure all the protection that you need.
  • To prevent slipping, these boots have a rubber outer sole. This rubber sole provides excellent grip and is both oil and abrasion resistant. These boots have excellent traction, which is perfect if you need to lift things in work sites that have unsafe surfaces.

Advantages of the Skechers 77009 Workshire

  • To make it easy to pull on and take off these work boots, a pull-tab is stitched into the back of the ankle. This offers easy grip and you can avoid having to touch the underside of your boots, which, depending on the environment that you work in, can be dangerous for your health.
  • If you prefer a more roomy fit compared to more snugly fitting shoes, these work boots have a relaxed fit which wont restrict your feet.
  • For added protection, these work boots have heel and side panel overlays. This offers you more durability on these easily scuffed parts of the boot.
  • Rubber lug traction and a highly flexible sole makes movement in these boots much easier than with many other models of work boots on the market.

Things to be Aware of

Many people are put off buying from Sketchers, as the manufacturer is not as well known for providing high quality work boots. You should give them a chance though as these work boots are built to an exceptional quality with plenty of benefits and features that will make demanding jobs as safe as possible.

Bottom Line

These are great work boots that come with an attractive price tag. They won't break the bank and you can still enjoy all the excellent quality, durability and features that you would expect to see in a better-known manufacturer’s work boot. There are plenty of safety features including steel toe protection and electrical hazard prevention designs that will ensure that you will be as safe as possible while you are working.

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