Keen Utility Pittsburgh Steel Review

Keen is a great manufacturer of work wear and outdoors attire. When you need a product that is made to be durable and protective, you need to look no further than these great work boots from Keen.

You can enjoy the many benefits such as waterproof materials and comfort that the Keen Utility Men's Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot has to offer. Just read this review to find out more.

Keen Utility Pittsburgh Steel

Features of the Keen Utility Pittsburgh Steel

  • These work boots offer the latest fatigue fighting design to ensure that even with a lot of hard work, these work boots will not wear out or fall apart. You can work on the toughest jobs and be safe in the knowledge that these boots are built to last.
  • The uppers of these work boots are made from high quality and waterproof nubuck. To further protect the boot from wet and damp conditions, it also has a waterproof membrane that is breathable for comfort.
  • To prevent odors and to prevent foot conditions caused by sweat, a dry footwear lining is built into these boots that is designed to draw moisture away from the feet and to keep them as dry as possible.
  • Full-length torsion plates combined with the contours heel lock to the back of the boot to ensure that you can have maximum stability when wearing these boots. This is perfect for if you need to lift heavy items and need to maintain a steady footing.
  • The outer soles of these boots are oil resistant, will protect you from slips and will not mark floors.

Advantages of the Keen Utility Pittsburgh Steel

  • These work boots are designed to be incredibly safe. They have a steel toe that will protect your feet from anything that may fall. This is important if you work on a construction site, or if you work in environments where crushing can be a hazard, for example in a vehicle garage.
  • These work boots conform to the standards for electrical hazard protection at work. This is a useful and reassuring advantage to have for most workers who need to wear heavy-duty work boots.
  • These work boots look really great. Aesthetics are not really important when it comes to finding a good pair of work boots, but having a pair that looks great instead of resembling orthopedic shoes is certainly an advantage.

Things to be Aware of

These boots are great all around, although some users have complained that the soles can come away from the uppers. While this has been reported, it could be due to a fault with the specific boot, as most users highly praise these boots. A good idea is to retain your proof of purchase in case you need to replace or get a refund for your purchase.

Bottom Line

These are great work boots that are versatile and built to be as comfortable as possible. The high ankle collar gives additional support to the wearer while the lining and durable materials keep the feet as dry as possible. High quality materials provide the user with as much safety as is needed when working in tough environments.

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