Justin Stampede Work Boot Review

It is said that you can tell a lot about a man from the shoes he wears. It is therefore important to have the best shoes on, even at work.

However, you wouldn’t want to compromise your safety for the sake of style. This soft toe work boot is the perfect combination of safety and style.

The work boots are not only safe for your work environment, but they are also made of the finest quality.

This boot has to be the work boot you have been longing for. Find out more about them in our Justin Stampede Work Boot Review.

Justin Stampede Work Boot Review

Known as the Standard of the West, Boots made by Justin Boots are both stylish and comfortable. These work boots are no different.

These Justin Original Men’s Stampede Work Boots are made of 100% leather. They are snake proof and waterproof to allow you to work safely.

The soft toe, stitched shaft, and foot are designed to encase your feet firmly but comfortably. The pull-on loops and absence of laces allow you to quickly wear these work boots without having to battle with laces.

Justin Original work boots are authentic Western footwear with a history of being a family business of boot makers for cowboys. Justin's footwear has stayed true their beginning, producing boots that are easy to love.

Who is this work boot meant for? 

These work boots are suitable for all outdoor workers. If you have a job that requires you to do a lot of walking, sometimes in unfavourable weather conditions, then you need these boots. They are functional and will effectively serve their purpose.

An electrician will enjoy the protection from electric shock and the safety of a soft toe instead of a steel toe. A farmer will love these boots because they are water-resistant and are easy to clean all the mud you may drag in.

Horse riders would love this boot's synthetic sole with saddle vamp. Its sole is designed to help you sit firmly in a saddle. You will feel more comfortable with these boots.

On opening your Justin Original Men’s Stampede work package, you can expect to find a fantastic tan leather boot with a beautiful 11-inch stitched matching leather shaft. The boots caress your feet with a mesh fabric lining the seams.

The midsole is made of a durable dual-density material and the boots raise your height a little in the 1 1/4-inch stockman heel.

These work boots will remain steady against oil, slipping, and abrasion. You are assured of your safety at work in industries and construction.


13 Colors Selection

You get the choice of any of the 13 different colors offered by Justin Original. Each of the boots is uniquely crafted with stitches that match the colors. You can stand out by choosing a different color from just regular brown.

Pure Imported Leather

Justin Original work boots are made with 100% pure leather assuring you that you are getting the best. The use of pure leather also means that your work boots are durable and will last you a long time.

Beautiful Western Design

You do not have to sacrifice beauty for safety with these boots. They are designed as stylish Western boots that look a lot like Cowboy boots. The stitches on the shaft only add to the beauty of the boots.

J-Flex Comfort System

Justin Original Men’s Stampede Work boots are built with the J-Flex comfort system that makes your boots fit snugly but still allows you to move comfortably.

Removable Orthotic Insole

Justin Original care about your safety so the boots come with an orthotic which will help support and protect your feet. You can remove this insole if you feel more comfortable without it.

Synthetic Sole

The sole of these work boots is made of durable synthetic materials that help you maintain grip and also protect your feet from mud and water. The synthetic sole also aids the flexibility of your movements.


  • The sturdy build guarantees your safety at work
  • Waterproof, snake-proof for protection and bulletproof
  • The pull-on loops at the opening make the boots very easy to wear
  • The boots are beautifully crafted with a long shaft and scalloped topline


  • There is no warranty on the product

How To Maintain Your Justin Original Men’s Stampede Work Boot

It is not enough to have great boots; you also have to know how to maintain them to get the best from your work boots.

  1. Clean dirt and dust from boots with material appropriate for the type of the work boot. Clean the finish or suede with a nylon brush.
  2. Use a leather conditioner or balm to clean as appropriate.
  3. You can apply a little neutral shoe cream and rub to let the leather shine.
  4. You can add wax polish to colors, using dark paste for dark colors and light paste for light colors.
  5. Brush and rub again. Your boots are ready to wear again.


While Justin Original Men’s Stampede Work Boots are perfect for work, you might want something more suited to athlete exercises. You can, in this case, go for Ariat Men’s Boots. Their boots are more suited to athlete riding and competitions. The torque stability technology and toper shank help you stay balanced and they have a shock-absorbing technology.

If you are looking for boots for sports, you can buy Ariat Men’s boots instead of Justin Original.


Style, beauty, comfort, and safety are features you can expect from Justin Original Men’s Stampede Work Boots. These boots are a perfect blend of style and durability outfitted with every safety measure for every industrial and commercial work.

The price is affordable and you get great value for your money.  However, if your use is more for sports, we recommend that you go for the Ariat Work Boots. On the other hand, Justin Original works perfectly for other types of work.

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