Justin Hybred Work Boots Review

Perhaps the problem facing you is that you're unsure of what you want to buy. You probably know the specification or, at least, the attributes you want your work boots to have but you're finding it difficult to find the product which has these features. Or perhaps you don't know how to look for these features in products?

Most of the time, a compromise is necessary as you can't always find all the features you want in a single product. You will have to settle for the product which contains as many features that match your specifications as possible.

As far as work boots are concerned, Justin Hybred Work Boots present a good work boot option for you. If you're on the lookout for a new pair of work boots, then check out this Justin Hybred Work Boots review. We will be providing detailed information about them so you can have all the necessary information.

Justin Hybred Work Boots

There are numerous brands producing work boots. The competition among these brands is very intense, especially with new brands joining the market. However, traditional brands are still waxing strong and are showing no signs of relenting. One of these brands is Justin Boots, which has shown in recent years that they still remain a force to be reckoned with in the footwear industry. They have built several authentic, stylish Western boots that have gone on to gain widespread acceptance. In light of this, it is fair to say that Justin Boots' reputation as one of the best footwear brands in the world remains intact.

One of their products are Justin Hybred Work Boots. As the name implies, the boots are predominantly built for people who are involved in heavy manual labor. This means that they are designed not only to provide comfort for you but also to protect your feet from potential harm while carrying out your tasks.

The boots incorporate several great features and we will talk about them in this detailed review.

Who are these boots meant for?

These boots are made for a wide range of professionals. If you are a farmer, a mechanic or even a manual factory worker, as long as your profession requires you to protect your feet, you will definitely need this pair of boots. But you don’t even have to be a professional to make use of Justin Hybred Work Boots. If you are into DIY activities at home you should consider checking these protective boots out. They last long and a pair of Justin Hybred work boots would come in handy. As a hiker, the firm soles will be effective when climbing hills and mountains while the thick, quality leather will protect your feet and legs from thorns.


Stylish Appearance

Justin Boots are Western-styled and are always attractive, and the Hybreds are not an exception, the fact that they are designed for heavy-duty work notwithstanding. The boots are attractive, with nice, minimalist embroidery on the bright, brown leather upper. In addition, the boots are available in several shades of brown and you have options if you are meticulous about such details.

Leather Upper

The upper part of the Justin Hybred work boots is made of 100% leather. It is quite tall and reaches the shin/calf. The collar is also wide, measuring close to 14 inches around. This allows you to roll the lower part of your trousers into the boots, which will help provide you with greater mobility when working. In addition, the boots feature a pair of pull straps on either side of the collar; this is done to enhance your convenience when putting the boots on.

Rubber Sole

The heel is quite thick at about an inch and a half. The outsole, which is made of rubber, has a rugged design at the bottom. This design is geared towards improving the grip of the boots, therefore making it resistant to slipping. This all but assures you that you are getting a pair of boots which can keep you steady even in rough terrain and difficult work conditions. Not only that, the rubber is fairly flexible and this allows a great deal of comfort for your feet.


One of the high points that must be discussed in this Justin Hybred Work Boots review is that the upper and the sole of the boots are joined together with a single stitched welt. Stitching these two parts together, as opposed to gluing, enhances the durability of the boots.

Composite Toes

Although Justin Hybred Work Boots do not feature steel toes, they do have composite toes. A composite toe feature is about as good as steel toes and with this feature, you can be safe in the knowledge that your toes are protected from injury resulting from knocking your toe against hard objects. Also, if you're a hiker, the composite toes will prevent thorns from reaching that part of your feet.

Light boots

As an add-on, the boots are relatively light. When you compare them with other boots, one of the first things you will observe is the weight difference. This is because a lot of unnecessary padding has been removed to allow for ease of movement in the boots.


  • Relatively light
  • Provide firm traction
  • Durable


  • Water may seep in through the seams


In case you have a reason not to like Justin Hybred work boots, the Ariat Workhog Pull-On Waterproof Work Boot is a suitable option. These boots have essentially the same specifications as the Justin Hybred. However, they have slightly better waterproofing abilities.


Our overall verdict on the Hybred, based on this Justin Hybred work boots review, is that they are a great pair of boots. Although a waterproof lining is included to supplement the leather upper, the seams have slightly compromised the waterproofing abilities of the boots. For this reason, they can become soaked after a long period of time in the water. Hence, they might not be adequately suited for work in the rain or in areas where there is much water.

Focusing on the positives, the protection and comfort that Justin Hybred work boots can provide allows them to be ranked up there among the best.

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