Best Work Boots for Concrete to Buy in 2020

Best Work Boots for Concrete -

As a worker, you need to be cautious when working at a site where new construction is going on. Especially with concrete as it may cause damage to your feet when they are in direct contact with the cement slurry.

As a result, workers need solid protection for their feet, which a work boot can provide. To give you an idea about the best work boots for concrete, we have reviewed some of the ideal products. So, let’s dive into our reviews section.

Comparison Chart

Tingley 31251.10 Pilot 15-in Boot

TREDS Super Tough 17″ Overboots

Servus Comfort Technology Work Boots

ArcticShield Men’s Boots

Muck Arctic Work Boots

Work Boots for Concrete Reviews

Tingley 31251.10 Pilot 15-in Boot

The Tingley 31251.10 Pilot 15-in Cleated Steel Toe Knee Boot offers desired protection to your feet. It keeps the harmful cement slurry away from your feet, as it is a waterproof pair of shoes.

In addition, these shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear. Therefore, you won’t find it difficult to wear them for hours. Moreover, these overboots are easy to clean.


While working on hard or loose concrete, workers should keep in mind to provide reasonable protection for their feet. For this purpose, you must buy a pair of boots. The Tingley 31251.10 Pilot 15-in Cleated Steel Toe Knee Boot serves as a viable option in this regard.

Hard concrete may prove to be dangerous for your ankles and the lower part of your feet. The Tingley 31251.10 features the latest shock absorption design, which gives your feet the required cushion against hard concrete.

Wearing boots that offer a shock absorption feature is a great preventive measure. It helps you minimize the impact on the delicate parts of your feet. Moreover, it can also protect you from lower joint pains.

The build quality of these boots is simply outstanding. This is the reason it offers the required level of durability and sturdiness. It is comfortable, too, as the materials used for its construction are flexible.

Since it’s an overboot, the upper part is 15 inches long, which makes it completely waterproof. Tingley boots are known for their durability and high-quality finish. They are constructed with flexible PVC, which gives the desired flexibility and strength to these boots.

Due to its resistance against tearing, it can continue to serve you for a more extended period. Cleaning these shoes is easy, too, as you just need a wet cloth to wipe off all the dust and stains. The long design protects your knee as well as the lower part of your leg. This allows you to walk into loose concrete.

Talking about the construction, this pair of overboots are constructed by using injection-molded technology. Furthermore, these overboots are eco-friendly too. These boots are made while using 30% recycled material.

The shoes will stay soft and supple even in the cold weather, making them comfortable for you to work in. These boots are so durable that they are resistant against fats, hydrocarbons, acids, caustics, and other types of chemicals. This makes them incredibly durable and highly reliable work boots for concrete.

Moreover, these boots provide outstanding support for ankles while ensuring complete waterproofing. However, the lower part is relatively much stiffer. This may prove to be uncomfortable for some.


  • Durable and comfortable material
  • Protects ankle and lower feet bones
  • Easy to wear over boots
  • Constructed with sturdy and lightweight materials


  • Less flexible lower sole

TREDS Super Tough 17” Pull-On Overboots

No matter whether you are working in mud, concrete, or manure, what you need is a pair of sturdy yet comfortable over boots. Although the market is full of options, you can’t just rely on every product. Hence, the only way to buy a pair of good over boots is to look for a renowned brand like TREDS.


Treds Over-The-Shoe Rubber Slush Boots serve as some of the top work boots for concrete. You can comfortably wear them over your existing work boots. These boots are designed to offer an extended level of durability and comfort.

The use of top-quality materials is the reason why these boots outperform other cheap concrete boots. TREDS manufactured these boots with premium quality materials. This is a one-piece molded design, which is durable and lightweight.

Wearing these shoes is easy, as they fit like gloves. Being lightweight and comfortable, you won’t even notice that you are wearing them. With the block-tread pattern sole and reinforced heel, these work boots ensure additional traction on slippery surfaces.

Apart from their slip-resistant feature, the upper surface of these boots is flexible too. In fact, it can stretch up to 800%, which makes it almost impossible to tear or puncture. Moreover, offering all these features, these boots are affordable too. Therefore, workers can easily buy them and provide extended protection to their feet.

Nevertheless, there is a downside; due to the extended length, it may be difficult for some to take off these work boots.


  • Looks and feels good
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear over boots
  • Easy to wear and clean
  • offers extended protection to your feet


  • Getting the boots off is little tricky

Servus Comfort Technology Work Boots

Servus is a popular brand, known for offering work boots and similar kinds of footwear/protective gear. One of the options offered by this brand includes Servus Comfort Technology 14” PVC Soft Toe Men’s Work Boots.

These are the lightweight, sturdy, durable work boots, which provide the desired level of comfort and protection to your feet. In order to unfold some other features of these boots, let’s take a look at the comprehensive review mentioned below.


The first aspect associated with these work boots is their design and style. These boots are styled in a way that you won’t find boring or odd to wear. Furthermore, this pair of work boots are waterproof, which allows you to wear them in wet conditions.

Notably, these work boots are the best options when working in loose concrete. Being heavy-duty and hardcore work boots, you can utilize them in any possible manner. The steel toe cap provides additional protection to your feet from becoming injured.

These boots are designed in a way to offer maximum resistance against chemicals. Due to their heavy-duty construction, these boots can also be used for agricultural and industrial use. The PVC used for the construction of these boots is flexible and durable.

Yet it doesn’t suggest that you can walk miles while wearing them. These boots have their own limitations since they are not meant to be used as walking boots. Although being comfortable to wear, these boots have some drawbacks.

The lower sole is tough, which provides protection against sharp objects. This makes these boots slightly heavier than other options. So it won’t be comfortable for you to wear these boots for the whole day.


  • Made with durable and flexible materials
  • Highly affordable work boots
  • Offer protection against a hard surface
  • Waterproof work boots


  • Slightly heavier than other similar options

ArcticShield Men’s Outdoor Boots

The ArcticShield Men’s Waterproof work boots are the most viable option when you need complete protection for your feet. This pair of work boots offer the required level of protection to your feet without compromising comfort.


To start with, let’s take a look at the construction of these work boots. The material used for their construction is durable and flexible. The manufacturer has used a combination of high-quality rubber and neoprene. Furthermore, the rubber used for their construction is all-natural.

The 7MM neoprene is also of good quality, which plays a key role while enhancing the durability of this product. In addition, the shoes are waterproof, which allows you to work outdoors for hours.

Wearing these over boots is comfortable too. The use of lightweight neoprene and soft insulation, your feet won’t feel any kind of pain or discomfort. Putting on over boots isn’t that easy, and similar is the case when you want to take them off.

However, with the availability of pull tabs, it is easy to put these boots on or to take them off. Furthermore, the provision of removable insoles also offers more comfort to your feet. On the other hand, durable outsoles ensure better traction.

No matter whether you are working in snow, mud, or sloppy conditions, these 100% waterproof work boots will offer the required protection. These boots also provide perfect insulation to your feet.

As a result, these boots capture and retain most of the heat released by your feet. In this way, your feet will stay warm and cozy even during chilling cold temperatures. The Arctic Shield’s 7mm Neoprene Rubber Boots serve as the most viable work boots for almost every condition.

Although these work boots are comfortable to wear and durable, they are way more expensive than other options available on the market. Therefore, they won’t be a viable choice if you are tight on budget.


  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Easy to put on or off
  • Offers solid traction with its durable outsoles
  • Comfortable to wear design


  • Quite expensive than other options

Muck Boot Arctic Sport Work Boots

Muck Boot is a renowned brand, offering a variety of work boots and other protective gears for feet. The Muck Boot Arctic Sport Men’s Rubber Work Boots are top of the line products. These boots outperform most of the options available on the market.


Muck Boot Arctic Sport Men’s Rubber Work Boots are constructed with premium quality leather and synthetic materials. The rubber sole offers maximum protection and comfort in almost all types of working conditions.

Furthermore, wearing these boots is a breeze. This is because these boots are made from a stretchable and soft material, which causes minimum resistance when you are wearing them. The 5 mm neoprene is there to offer a maximum level of flexibility and comfort.

These boots also offer excellent waterproofing and shock-absorbing features. Due to their excellent heat retention properties, you can wear these boots in extremely cold weather. The EVA-molded and contoured midsole doesn’t cause any kind of discomfort.

Moreover, its MS-1 molded outsole offers an extended grip against slippery and icy conditions. Apart from this, these boots are great for working on hard or soft concrete. By using top of the line materials, the manufacturer has made these boots more durable than its contenders.

When it comes to the comfort and flexibility of use, these work boots are the best option to consider. With the availability of a super-soft inner lining and contoured footbed, you won’t even feel any difference while wearing these work boots.

Nevertheless, with all these features, the cost of these boots isn’t always justifiable. Being expensive, these work boots aren’t for everyone, which tends to be the biggest downside of this product.


  • Highly durable and lightweight
  • Easy to clean work boots
  • Contoured footbed for additional comfort
  • Super-soft inner lining
  • Comfortable to wear for the whole day


  • More expensive than all the options mentioned above


Most work boots are specially designed while keeping in mind a particular purpose. Therefore, most of them aren’t comfortable or stylish. However, the work boots reviewed above are pretty good looking and comfortable too.

If you are a worker and spend most of your time walking on concrete, make sure to choose the best work boot. This will not only protect your feet from unexpected injury but also ensure the desired level of comfort.

As a whole, all these work boots serve the purpose well. Besides a few exceptions, we have mentioned the most affordable work boots. You can wear these work boots in almost all kinds of workplace environments.

Apart from providing comfort and durability, these work boots are also essential for offering the required level of safety. So, when buying one of the best work boots for concrete, try to look for all the necessary features.

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