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In any workplace where there is a lot of labor-intensive work, it's important to have a uniform or outfit that will be protective and safe. Work boots are an essential part of worker's attire, and it's key to choose a pair that will be useful and provide you with all the protection that you may need.

Work boots can be found in a range of styles to suit different lines of work. Depending on the conditions that you will be working in and other requirements that you may have, what makes a good pair of work boots for one worker may not be suitable for another.

Durability is an important factor that manufacturers consider when making their work boots, so you will find that most work boots are very heavy duty. You should make sure that you choose the right work boots that will offer you the strength that you need without being so heavy that they are uncomfortable to wear.

This helpful guide will give you some tips for choosing the best work boots for the job, as well as reviews of the top 10 work boots so that you can make a decision about which will be the right pair of work boots for you.

The Best Work Boots

Advantages of the Best Work Boots for Men

  • They Will Keep You Safe. If you choose a good pair of work boots, you can enjoy more protection against accidents. Many disabling injuries can occur in a labor-intensive work environment and 25% of these are foot injuries. 10% of injuries are caused by punctures to the feet while slips, trips and falls cause the other 15%. To combat this, a good pair of work boots should be protective and made from a durable material to prevent puncture wounds to the feet. Steel toecaps can further protect the front of your feet. Work boots should also have thick, rubber soles that grip well to avoid trips, slips and falls.
  • You'll Be Able to Work Longer. Having the most comfortable work boots is very important when making your buying decision. If you choose a pair of work boots that are not comfortable or that are too heavy, eventually, you’re going to feel fatigued and you will not be motivated to finish your tasks. A good pair of work boots will allow you to feel energetic for longer. Comfort is an important factor. This can be achieved by choosing boots that are breathable, that have cushioning in them, and that are waterproof. Waterproof work boots will also keep your feet from getting wet. Wet feet can lead to blisters and other painful foot problems. If you don’t have sore feet at work, you’ll be able to do your job for longer without feeling discomfort or feeling unhappy. It’s common for those experiencing foot pain to feel down and low throughout the rest of their body as a result. If you can keep your feet feeling comfortable and pain free, you’ll feel more energetic for longer.
  • They'll Last Longer. There are many reasons why you should make sure that you buy high quality work boots, but one of the most important reasons is so that you don’t have to buy more work boots too soon. Many manufacturers use thick rubber soles for their work boots. Rubber not only provides good grip, but it is also thick and durable. You can also walk over items that may cause punctures without worrying that they will either penetrate the sole or cause you injury. The tops of the best work boots have strong and durable leather that is waterproof and will resist splits and tears. Many models of work boot have a steel toe section too, which can stop the toe from being injured and to prevent damage to the boot from scuffs
  • They Provide the Right Amount of Support. It's important that you choose the right work boot for your needs and the best one that you could choose will have an appropriate amount of support for your ankles. If you do a lot of lifting, you may even benefit from boots that have support that runs up the calf to support your ankle joint better.

What to Look For in a Pair of Work Boots

  • Safety Toes. You should make sure that when you are working, your toes are as protected as possible. When it comes to your feet when you are working on a labor-intensive job, your toes are always at risk of being injured if something falls onto your feet. By choosing a pair of work boots that has a reinforced toe, you can protect your feet from falling objects. Steel toes are a traditional option, but they can make the work boot heavy and uncomfortable to work in for whole days at a time. They are also not suitable for working in cold temperatures. Aluminum toes are lighter than steel, but are just as strong. Unfortunately though, they are not great for cold temperatures either. Composite toes are made from plastic, carbon filter, or Kevlar. They are usually very durable, and because they are not made of metal, they are not as uncomfortable in cooler conditions as steel or aluminum.
  • Waterproofing. It is important to keep your feet dry, especially if you have a job that means that you need to work outside. Working in adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow are the times when you’re most likely to experience leakage from work boots that are not waterproof. This can lead to all kinds of foot problems from blisters to frost bite. Choose a work boot that is designed to be waterproof and that is constructed from materials that are strong and durable. If you will be working in colder, and even snowy conditions, you should try to choose a work boot that is well insulated. You should only choose well insulated boots if you really need this feature, as the extra padding and weight can make the work boots uncomfortable while you will find that they are too warm for wearing in normal temperature conditions.
  • Weight. You should make sure that you choose work boots that are not too heavy. Most work boots are heavy duty due to the heavy and more durable materials that they are made of. If you choose boots that have steel toecaps, however, and boots that have excess padding, you may find that they are just too heavy to comfortably work in. This can make it difficult and even unsafe for you to walk in them, and you may develop blisters and other painful sores on your feet.

Reviews of the Top 5 Work Boots

Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss

If you want a high quality pair of work boots that can offer you safety and functionality while on the job, look no further than the Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot. These boots hail from one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality work wear and you can be sure to purchase an item that is of the highest durability and standards. The steel toe protectors are an additional feature that will protect the fronts of your feet while you are working.

Features of the Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss

  • To protect your feet against electrical surges, the Pitboss work boot has an EH Rating. The soles and heels of this boot have been designed to provide secondary protection against electrical circuitry. The soles and heels are also not conductive and are shock absorbing which further protects against electrical surges.
  • The anti-slip outer soles ensure that these work boots are safe to walk in and can combat workplace slips. Rubber compounds used in the production of the sole ensure that they have the maximum possible traction while providing resistance to oil and heat.
  • The strong steel toe protector that can protect against an impact of 75 lbs. and will protect your toe against dropping heavy weights on it. These boots also protect against 2,500 lbs. of crushing for example rolling pipes.
  • A shock diffusing plate in the midsole ensures that you will not injure your foot due to impact.
  • For aesthetics, you can choose from a few different colors. There is a logo on the side, back and tongue of these work boots and the boots lace to the ankle to provide ankle support if it is necessary.

Advantages of the Timberland PRO Men's Pitboss

  • Full grain leather material ensures that these boots are built to last while being breathable. Strong leather construction also ensures that these boots will remain waterproof for as long as possible while providing a protective upper layer.
  • A thick padded tong and collar make these work boots as comfortable and as snug fitting as possible to reduce the chances of developing blisters during use. You can also benefit from the two hook speed laces and the mid hook.
  • This pair of work boots has an antimicrobial lining that ensures that these work boots won't build up any unpleasant odors due to moisture in the boot or sweat.

Things to be Aware of

Some users noted that these boots have a heel cup that can dig into the wearer’s heel over time. This may be due to the fit of the boots, so make sure that you retain your proof of purchase in case you need to make a return.

Bottom Line

These are high quality and popular work boots, and one of the best steel toe work boots on the market. They have many great advantages such as the anti-odor antimicrobial lining and the high quality and durable materials. They are also as safe as they could possibly be, with electrical protection and a steel toe protector that can prevent injuries. As these boots do have steel toe protectors, they are a little heavy, but they are a high quality boot that you can trust to keep you safe while you are on the job.

Keen Utility Men's Detroit

These lightweight boots from Keen are the perfect choice if you need a pair of work boots that are versatile and comfortable. This review of the Keen Utility Men's Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot will highlight the features and advantages that make it such a great choice amongst users.

Features of the Keen Utility Men's Detroit

  • Dry-lex footwear lining with hydrophobic and hydrophilic 2-zone comfort technology keeps the inside of the boots as dry as possible and prevents odor from developing. It also helps the boots to be breathable which offers a more comfortable experience for the user.
  • The keen dry waterproof membrane ensures that your feet will stay dry and problem-free, even when working in wet conditions. The upper part of the shoes is made from roebuck leather that will further prevent the boots from allowing water in.
  • For metatomical support, a removable metatomical dual density EVA foot bed is included with these work boots.
  • The sole of these work boots is non-marking and is both oil and slip resistant for complete safety.
  • The asymmetrical steel toes are specially molded to fit comfortably on your feet. Left and right toe plates will bear the weight of anything that is dropped on the toes, and can guard against crushing due to wheels or rolling pipes.

Advantages of the Keen Utility Men's Detroit

  • A contoured heel lock gives your heel maximum support and comfort. Some boots can dig into the heels eventually, but because the heels of these boots are contoured, you won’t experience those kinds of problems.
  • These work boots exceed the standards of the electrical safety certifications. You can be sure to be protected when you use these work boots against any electrical surges. This is important if you are an electrician, if you are working on a building site or a location with substandard electrics.
  • To provide additional safety if you are using these work boots to work outside in an area where there is traffic, these boots have reflective webbing.
  • For comfort, you can benefit from the dual density molded insole that offers your feet more support.

Things to be Aware of

These work boots do not provide the calf or ankle support offered my other work boots, so if you need a pair of work boots that can offer you support when lifting and carrying heavy objects, you may need to look at another model of work boot.

Bottom Line

These are high quality and light work boots that are designed to be as versatile as possible. Whether you are an electrician, a grounds keeper or a builder, these work boots will be able to offer you something to protect your safety. For safety when working outdoors, these work boots have a reflective strip. They meet the standards for protection against electrical surges, which is important for electricians. To protect your feet when lifting heavy items, the steel toe protectors can absorb the impact so you don’t injure your feet.

Irish Setter 83605

The Irish Setter Men's 83605 6" Work Boot is a great choice if you want a versatile work boot that is lightweight and comfortable to wear all day. If you don’t need toe protection, you can take advantage of the lighter weight of these toe protector free work boots as well as plenty of other great advantages and features.

Features of the Irish Setter 83605

  • These work boots have some great features to offer the hard working laborer. Full grain leather upper material is heard wearing and durable. It is comfortable and can provide flexibility when you need to bend your toes.
  • You can replace the polyurethane insole with an insole of your choice if you need to. This can give you as much comfort as you need, and if you choose a customized orthotic insole, you can enjoy even more support from these boots.
  • ASTM rated electrical hazard protection can offer you complete safety when it comes to working with electrical wires or in an environment where you may be at risk of electrocution. You can be guaranteed safety in these environments thanks to these work boots.
  • The 83605s have exceptional heat protection. If you are working in an environment where heat can be a risk to your feet, these work boots may be a good choice for you. You can walk across a very hot surface and barely feel the warmth through the soles.
  • These Irish Setters have a very stylish design and they are also highly durable. Their affordable price tag makes them a popular choice amongst consumers.

Advantages of the Irish Setter 83605

  • This pair of boots doesn't come with steel toe protectors as they are designed to provide heat and electrical protection rather than impact absorption. While this may make them not suitable for some workers, it is advantageous for others. Their lighter weight makes them very comfortable to wear so you can walk around all day in them without feeling fatigued or developing painful blisters.
  • The lack of steel in the 83605s makes them highly flexible. If you need to bend down or squat frequently, you’ll find that you have more freedom to do so with these boots.
  • You can enjoy full ankle support with these work boots as they extend just above the ankle. The boots are not overly padded either so you wont find that your feet get very hot when you are wearing them all day.

Things to be Aware of

The Irish Setter 83605s don’t have any steel toe protection so you will not be protected against any falling objects or potential hazards that could cause crushing. These work boots are more suited to laborers who perform electrical installations, decorating or workers who do not have to handle particularly heavy machinery or materials.

Bottom Line

These are highly affordable shoes that can provide flexibility and durability for the wearer. While they don’t have toe protection, they are much more flexible as a result. You can also benefit from features such as the waterproof properties of these work boots and the stylish look.

Timberland 6 Inch Basic

Timberland is a popular brand of work clothing that boasts extreme waterproofing when it is needed and products that are durable and will last a lifetime. The Timberland 6 Inch Basic Boot will suit many consumers who are looking for a safe and durable pair of work boots. Check out this review to see what features and advantages these boots have to offer.

Features of the Timberland 6 Inch Basic

  • Just as with most Timberland products, these boots are extremely waterproof. This is an important feature for work boots, where workers may be working in damp or rainy weather conditions or in damp spaces. Waterproof work boots protect the feet from moisture related problems as well as ensuring that the boots will last for longer.
  • Sturdy leather uppers ensure that the top of the boot is waterproof while being flexible too. You can enjoy the added protection that this leather upper material provides.
  • The rubber sole of these work boots provide a strong grip and outer sole traction. This helps to prevent slips and trips, even in adverse conditions such as oily floors in garages.
  • Another feature that the rubber sole provides is electrical protection against any electrical surges in areas where electrical problems could cause shocks.
  • These Timberlands look great and they are available in a wide range of colors. While this isn’t going to keep you safe at work, you can choose a color that will match with any work wear that you may have for your job.

Advantages of the Timberland 6 Inch Basic

  • These work boots are designed for those workers who spend all their day on their feet. The soles of these work boots have been manufactured with a unique design that will not fatigue your feet. A soft sole and padding to the heel gives comfort and support.
  • These Timberlands are also well insulated. If you are working on a particularly cold construction site or in adverse weather conditions, these boots will keep your feet nice and warm. You should bear this in mind however if your feet frequently get too warm when you are working.
  • The absence of a safety toe makes these boots incredibly lightweight and flexible. If you don’t need a toe protector, you can enjoy the lighter weight and more comfortable fit of these boots.

Things to be Aware of

The Timberland 6 Inch Basics do not feature a protective toe, so these may not be suitable for you if you need to protect your feet against impacts. These boots are also highly insulated, which is great news if you work in cold weather conditions and need to stay warm, but if you get warm feet, you may feel uncomfortable in these boots.

Bottom Line

​These Timberlands are great when you want to provide yourself with additional safety when you are at work. You can enjoy the flexibility and lightweight design of these shoes as well as their many other features, such as being waterproof and durable. You should avoid these boots however if you need to protect your feet against impact as there is not heel or toe protection built in.

Wolverine W08288

The Wolverine company is a well-known supplier of high quality work wear and equipment. These new age looking work boots are comfortable, flexible and versatile. You can enjoy many features and benefits when you choose these work boots as well as the peace of mind that you will be getting a high quality product that will last. This Men's W08288 Wolverine Boot review looks at the various features and advantages of these work boots that make them so popular amongst customers.

Features of the Wolverine W08288

  • These work boots are made from a leather material on the upper part. While leather is durable and waterproof, due to the design of this work boot, the boots themselves are not very waterproof.
  • The manmade sole is lightweight and is designed to be flexible while providing as much traction as possible. For additional traction and support, the sole also features a lightweight rubber midsole that can absorb impacts. This sole reduces the risk of trips, slips and falls, which are a common cause of accidents in the workplace. They can also make particularly dangerous jobs such as those within the construction industry a little safer.
  • The W08288s offer a comfort cushioned foot bed that is removable. You can also replace the insole with an insole of your own choice for additional comfort and support.
  • If you need the additional safety feature of a steel toe protector, you can choose the optional steel toe version of this boot. If you don’t need a steel toe, you can enjoy the more lightweight version.

Advantages of the Wolverine W08288

  • These are highly comfortable work boots. In a market where comfort and safety are paramount, Wolverine has made every effort to make these work boots as comfortable to wear as possible for the user. 
  • A mesh lining in these boots gives the boots breathability. This stops moisture from building up in the boot. Your feet will stay a little drier as a result of this, giving your feet better overall health and feeling comfortable as possible.
  • The springy rubber midsole of these work boots makes them comfortable to walk about in, as the impact from walking is absorbed by the rubber.

Things to be Aware of

These work boots are not very waterproof so are probably not suitable if you have to work outdoors frequently, or if you work in damp environments. You should also be careful with the eyelets, as they can break if the laces are too tight.

Bottom Line

These are great work boots that offer great versatility. Unlike most other models that either come with or without a steel toe protector, this model of work boot gives you the choice of choosing from a version with or without a toe protector. If you don’t need the toe guard, you can benefit from a more lightweight boot. While these work boots are not without fault, they are a highly affordable item that can offer you great safety and comfort while on the job.